Florists & Flowers

Florists & Flowers

No on can deny that fresh flowers from quality florists are good for our mental health and wellbeing.

A good florist is an artist, creating stunning visual displays of fresh blooms as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, in sympathy, engagements, apologies, valentines, mothersday, or, just for yourself to brighten your mood, your home, and to add colour and a beautiful scent to your rooms.

Flowers are natural air fresheners, adding beautiful, subtle and natural scents that provide a calming, soothing environment.

Flowers are typically seasonal, so florists stock different blooms at different times of year. This creates a natural seasonal element to bouquets and flower displays throughout the year.

Why choose a florist when supermarkets offer bunches of flowers for far less money?


Supermarkets deal in large volumes of stock. In order to provide the prices they do, they frequently over chill flowers to slow down their decline. In most instances, from the moment they go on display they are only just coming up to room temperature for the first time in weeks and this accelerates their decline.

Florists on the other hand usually buy their flowers freshly picked on the day your bouquet or display is created, so the flowers are fresher, and ultimately last longer and look better for longer too.

Bouquets & Hand Tied Bunches of Blooms

Nothing says I love you better than a beautifully presented bouquet of flowers delivered by local florists.

Whatever the occasion, flower are a traditional way to show you care. Everyone likes fresh flowers in the home or office and they not only look great, but they smell great too which is a natural air freshener and totally chemical free!

Get a stunning floral display, bouquets and wreathes from Pick-a-lily Florists Bedford, who deliver not just locally, but nationwide too, as well as a range of giftware.

Going forwards its never been more important to support independent businesses, the small independent shops that provide better service and deserve support…. make 2021 the year we support our local communities.

The Pitfalls of Shopping Online

The Pitfalls of Shopping Online

To so many of us today, the computer is as much a part of our lives as the car, the coffee maker, or the washing machine.

In fact the very term “computer” is becoming somewhat dated. We use our lap-tops, our tablets, in fact the “smart phone” has pretty much been relegated back to just being a “phone” again.

We rarely, if at all consider the wonders of technology that these devices have become, and yet become so common place.

The wonder that was the World Wide Web, is rarely remarked upon these days, although billions of Continue reading “The Pitfalls of Shopping Online”